Insurance is based on current age and health, as well as desired coverage.
When we talk, we’ll be focused on the coverage you want that fits your budget.
It all has to make sense for you. And your needs will always come first.
I hear the questions below often. I made some short videos below to answer them.

Video on Term and Whole Life

Quick video on how Strategy is key in determining coverage amounts. You can use different types of policies to cover specific areas of need.

Term and Whole Life policies are the 2 main types of life insurance used.

There are variations within each such as Term with “money back” or “return of premium” for those who qualify,

Video on Mortgage Protection.

Also called Equity Protection. This is used to cover part or all of your remaining mortgage balance. You can cover the entire existing mortgage or choose a less expensive strategy.

Most people choose to cover the mortgage payment and other bills for a length of time, such as 1-2 years, to buy your family time to sell or relocate.

Mortgage Protection is a great way to help your family avoid making rash decisions after you pass, when they are mourning and under stress.

Video on Final Expense

Final Expense coverage is often used to avoid leaving your family with a financial burden. This is usually used to cover funeral & burial or cremation costs, so your family does not have to stress over how to pay for everything.

Many families have to use retirement savings or go into debt to pay the costs when there is no coverage after a loved one’s passing. It could take years to recover the money they had to spend, if they ever do.

This can be easily avoided for a small percentage of your income every month.

Video on Universal Life

Universal Life is typically whole life insurance with different options for different financial strategies.

Some use it to boost their cash flow in retirement, postponing paying taxes until after they pass.

Some strategies are used to take advantage of market gains without risking any loss when the market goes down.

Some strategies use policies that pay dividends to build up your assets. Many small business owners take advantage of these to build cash flow they can tap into for their business.

Simplified Options – No medical exams or blood/urine tests.

We focus on Non-Medical Exam coverage. We simply go over a health questionnaire with you by phone. This includes past and current medical conditions. We go over your prescriptions to get an idea of which carriers would be best for your needs and your budget.

We make it easy to schedule a time for a personal call to discuss coverage, so you stay safe at home.

Medical Supplements

These are medical supplements for age 64 and under to cover medical costs you are paying for out of pocket.

There lump sum pay outs for diagnosis of Heart Attack, Stroke, or Cancer. If any of these run in your family, you know how costly life can get after an incident or diagnosis.

There are also options for coverage on Accident. Hospital Costs, ,Dental, and Vision.

Coming Soon – Medicare & Medicare Supplements

We expect to be able to show you your Medicare and Medicare Supplement options soon.

As you know, there are a lot of important decisions to be considered and made in choosing Medicare and Medicare Options, it’s almost like putting a puzzle together with pieces missing.

We’ll help you see a clear picture of what your available options are.

These are State Regulated Insurance Programs.

  • All of the insurance carriers and policy options you’ll see are approved by the California Department of Insurance.
  • Our state licensed field agents are like brokers, they work with multiple A rated, well established Insurance Carriers in order to have more choices to meet your needs and budget.
  • Insurance costs take into account age, health, & other factors including prescription medications.
  • Working with multiple carriers gives us more options to help those with health challenges or specific prescriptions which some carriers will decline you over, while others may not. Underwriting guidelines vary from carrier to carrier.

What to expect when we talk over the phone.

  • You’ll tell us who and what are important to you.
  • If you do not already have a desired coverage amount, we’ll ask questions to help you determine what is important to you to cover and what is not.
  • Our goal is to help you identify the coverage strategy that works best for you and comfortably fits your budget.
  • We’ll go over some health and other questions to get a profile together to determine the best and most affordable carriers for you.
  • If you decide on a quote that meets your goals and fits your budget, we can submit a request for coverage for you.
  • We may get an instant approval from the carrier, or it may take a few days to a week in some cases. Once you are accepted, you’ll have coverage while you take the next 30 days to think about it and change your mind or change your coverage and premium payment amount.

If you have any questions and would like to schedule a short call to get some clear answers, click the button below.