Kirk Kanenbley is Your Field Underwriter / Licensed Agent.

Kirk will be putting your information together for you, looing at multiple insurance carriers to find you the best options for your desired coverage amount and budget.

Kirk Kanenbley has been licensed in California since 2018 (License # 0M67527) and is dedicated to helping you find the programs you can qualify for, to get you immediate coverage for your specific health and financial needs.

Kirk with his wife of 30 years and daughter.

Kirk is licensed to help you with Life, Accident, & Health insurance, as well as Annuities, Universal Life, and Health Supplements. Kirk will soon be providing options and information for Medicare and Medicare Advantage too.

What we do and why…

We are here to provide you with the information on life and health policy types you can use to protect you and your loved ones.

We put information together for you on different life insurance types, coverage amounts, and price.

We work with multiple companies so we can do the shopping for you while we narrow down the best choices for your desired coverage.

Since life insurance is not something you can just buy, you have to qualify for it, we go through some questions to help us determine the best carries for you and your budget.

Many people do not have their own life insurance policy, or any at all. Work group policies are not something you can depend on. If you leave or lose your job, or are out sick with an illness for too long, you can get dropped and then you have no insurance.

We want to help you protect yourself with a policy you can depend on to protect you and your family no matter what happens. Most of us know someone who had to pay for the funeral of a loved one who had no insurance. Or we’ve seen a spouse or family who lost their primary earner and had to give up their home or relocate because of the loss of income and few to no choices.

That can be avoided and your family could have protection for a fraction of your disposable income.

The process of getting information on coverage options is simple. You’ll typically spend around 15 minutes on the phone with your field underwriter, who will put your information together for you.

You can then either take advantage of one of the options or choose not to do anything right now. You are not under any obligation.

Free information, no obligations…

We put your information together so you can see the amounts of coverage available to you.

There is no obligation for you to do anything with the information you receive.

If you do want to move forward with an option that fits your needs, we can put in a request for coverage to see if you approved. Some carriers will give us a yes or no immediately. Some will take a few days to a week or more.

In almost all cases you will have 30 days to decide if you want to keep the coverage or cancel and have your payment returned. There are a few exceptions for specific programs that do not provide immediate coverage after approval.

We have one critically important mission.

To help you get the coverage you desire to protect your family, at the most affordable price.

When a family experiences the loss of a loved one, many areas of their lives are affected deeply.

There are financial worries which come into play almost immediately and make it feel like the world is coming down around them.

Funeral and burial costs are high. The mortgage payment is still due every month. The bills keep coming in.

With the right coverage, they can avoid the financial burdens which create more stress. Lack of coverage could lead to taking on debt, or even lead to losing a home when the family income is cut in half or worse.

Our goal is to help you put protection in place to help your family when they’ll need it the most.

Let us help you find meaningful, affordable protection for your you and your family.